Trouble Shooting Guides

Should your BE Pressure product or other similar product run into problems, here are some pointers, categorized by product type, to help you solve the issue.

Pressure Washers

Having a problem with your power washer? See our Pressure Washer Troubleshooting Guide.

Air Compressors

Solutions to air compressor issues that can happen across most brands and types. Air Compressor Troubleshooting.


Most generator difficulties are engine related and in turn fuel related. Check out our small Generator Troubleshooting Guide for these and other tips.


Occasionally propane and kerosene / diesel heaters have problems, Space Heater Troubleshooting.

Water & Trash Pumps

Problems with water and trash pumps are commonly related to debris in the water, size and or amount as well as engine issues usually related to long-term storage. Trash & Water Pump Troubleshooting.