How-To Winterize / Store Your Pressure Washer

We all know the expense that goes into maintaining and fixing pressure washers and nobody wants to start out the spring with a pump repair.

Following these simple steps to winterize your pressure washer will protect your valuable investment.

  1. Add a fuel stabilizer to your fuel tank
    • This will prevent your stored gas from eroding, and causing gun / varnish build-up. Run the engine for about 2 minutes to circulate the fuel stabilizer throughout your system.
  2. Do not leave any liquid in the pump
    • If liquid freezes in the pump, it will expand and can cause cracks and damage to the pump, causing costly repairs.
  3. Flush your pump
    • Be sure to flush with an antifreeze liquid prior to long term storage to prevent any serious damage.
  4. Ensure all hoses are not being stored at below freezing temperatures
    • It is important to make sure your hoses are free from water as well. If water freezes in the hose, it will expand, which can cause damage to the hose making it unusable and causing potential safety risks.
  5. Store your pressure washer in a dry place
    • Because many of the parts on a pressure washer may be steel, it is important to keep any water out of the unit for long-term storage.

Properly storing your pressure washer will keep it running for many years. Following these steps to store your pressure washer for the winter will save a lot of time, money, and aggravation in the spring.