Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some responses to common questions.

"I went to your compressor store but you did not have the item I wanted, why?"
The products on this site ship factory direct from BE.

"Are you BE Pressure Supply?"
No we are Portland Compressor and this site is purely products made by BE Pressure Supply. Portland Compressor carries many brands and thousands of items. We created this site to present just BE Pressure products.

"Why does a pressure washer part cost more in your store in Portland?"
The products on this site ship factory direct. Doing business online equals less labor, overhead and inventory costs so we can pass the savings on to you here :-)

"What Credit Cards Do You Accept?"
MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

"Do You Accept PayPal?"
Yes! You can use most credit cards through PayPal as well.

"Why Don't You Accept American Express?"
Because we don't want to have to raise our prices to cover the higher fees.